Workshop for mental health service providers

Gippsland PHN’s commissioned mental health service providers had the unique opportunity to come together to discuss future service improvements at a workshop recently.

The workshop targeted commissioned mental health services providing services in the East Gippsland community. Participants used the workshop to map the spectrum and location of local services and how access to these services could be streamlined.

Manager Commissioning, Nilay Kocaali, said the workshop was facilitated by Gippsland PHN and was invaluable as it provided opportunities for effective networking, while highlighting key challenges faced by service providers with regards to delivering mental health services in East Gippsland.

“The workshop highlighted the need for an overarching communications strategy for commissioned mental health services. The strategy is complex and needs to target a range of key stakeholders such as General Practitioners, Bush Nursing Centres and consumers,” Ms Kocaali explained.

“The strategy will be developed in consultation with stakeholders to ensure the right messages are targeted to the right audiences throughout East Gippsland.”

Gippsland PHN will take on board learnings from the East Gippsland workshop and consider how this approach could be replicated across the broader Gippsland region.