Working Towards Better Farmer Health at Farm World 2014

We know farmers take good care of their farms – but we want to make sure someone is looking after their health too! That’s why Gippsland Medicare Local, as part of the Health & Wellbeing theme this year, will be offering free men’s health checks through the Pit Stop program, and a range of information at our stand.

Free Men’s Pit Stop Health Checks

Just like a vehicle takes a pit stop and has its checks, the Pit Stop program at Farm World this year will encourage men to pull over and go through a range of health ‘stations’ to check health and wellbeing.

Our ‘mechanics’ will be checking your heath in areas such as; bowel cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, smoking, stress, eye testing and alcohol consumption.

It’s a fun, free and a relaxed way to check your general health and encourage you to visit a doctor if there are any warning signs as you go through the Pit Stop.


Join the thousands of Gippslanders who have already registered for their very own eHealth record.

Gippsland Medicare Local is offering free espresso coffee and fruit for Farm World goers who want to take some time to relax and gather the information they need about their own eHealth record. Registering is a personal decision, so there is no obligation to register – but we are making it easy with assisted registrations at our stand if you wish to do so.

An ‘eHealth’ record contains all your diagnoses, medications, visits to the doctor – medical information you want recorded in one electronic briefcase that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

It’s a free Australian Government initiative that already thousands of Gippslanders have registered for. It’s the way of the future.

If you would like to do your research before you see us, visit the eHealth website by clicking here.

Community Feedback

We’re always keen to hear what your thoughts are on Gippsland health. The good, the bad and the ugly – we need to know it all from your perspective to make sure we are always up-to-date with what’s happening in our Gippsland community.

At Gippsland Medicare Local, we are committed to delivering the right services to our community and funding to areas that need it most. That’s why at Farm World, we want you to have a coffee and some fruit on us, relax and take a couple of minutes to fill out a survey.

You can have a look at the work we have already been doing in this space by clicking here.

Check out some of the other great stuff happening in the Health & Wellbeing space!

  • Pacific Smiles Dental educator aims to excite children about cleaning teeth, visiting the dentist and eating healthy foods to help protect their teeth.  With puppets and mascot Mr Toothbrush on hand, it is a fun, informative and hands-on session where each child receives a gift bag.
  • Free diabetes & cardiovascular tests undertaken by the Royal Flying Doctor Service in conjunction with the Baker IDI  Heart & Diabetes Institute. Some of the tests include; blood pressure, blood glucose levels (HbA1c) by a quick finger prick, body mass index (BMI), AusDrisk diabetes risk assessment questionnaire. Overall it takes about 10 minutes, with each person receiving a report.
  • Flu vaccinations undertaken by Dr. Celada (a fee applies to this service)
  • Free hearing tests undertaken by the Wimmera Hearing Society
  • The West Gippsland Healthcare Group Community Dietician’s presentation “Re-think Your Drink” teaches children the healthiest drink choices and why sugary drinks, including fruit juice may not be the best choice for growing bodies.