New website gives quitters the best chance of success

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Providing practical advice to smokers wanting to quit, no matter where they are at in their quitting journey, is at the heart of a new Quit Victoria website launching today.
Quit Victoria Director Dr Sarah White said the website had been completely refreshed with new content designed to provide information, support and encouragement required at various stages – from thinking about quitting, to having a go and getting back on the wagon after a slip up.
“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they are looking for, and that means meeting people wherever they are at in their quitting journey,’’ Dr White said.
“Someone quitting for the first time may want to know what to expect while going through the brief period of physical withdrawal from cigarettes, while someone who has tried to quit a few times before may benefit from some advice on how to use nicotine replacement products correctly.
“The tips and advice on our website draw on the best available evidence. They also draw on the experience of our expert Quit Specialists who collectively spend hundreds of hours each week on the phone talking to people thinking about quitting, trying to quit and trying to stay quit. They know first-hand some of the typical challenges quitters face, and have some great ‘life hacks’ to help overcome them.
“A panel of current and ex-smokers provided invaluable advice throughout the process of completely revamping our website, to ensure the content and navigation works well for our target audience.”
Features of the new Quit website include:

  • ‘QuitMail’ a new program where smokers can sign up for tailored email support
  • Videos featuring real-life experiences of successful quitters
  • Tools to build a tailored quitting plan
  • Resources for people who help others quit, such as GPs and mental health workers.

Visit the new Quit website here:

Quit Victoria is a partnership between VicHealth, Cancer Council Victoria, the State Government of Victoria and the Heart Foundation.