*UPDATE* Confirmed measles cases in Melbourne March 20

  • There have been three confirmed cases of measles in Melbourne in March this year, with the infection likely to have been acquired overseas. The three cases are unrelated.
  • The most recent case was infectious on Saturday 10 March at a number of locations: Qantas flight QF44 from Denpasar to Sydney arriving at 06.25am on that day, Qantas flight QF 415 from Sydney to Melbourne, arriving at 10.35am, Tullamarine Airport until midday and Lentil as Anything restaurant at Abbotsford Convent from 2pm until 3pm.
  • The list below details additional sites where the other cases may have been infectious with measles. Susceptible patients who attended these sites at the dates and times specified should continue to look out for measles until up to 18 days after their exposure.
  • Be alert for measles in patients presenting with a fever at rash onset, particularly if they attended any of the places listed.
  • Notify the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Section at the Department of Health and Human Services on 1300 651 160 of suspected cases immediately.
  • Avoid sending suspected cases to an emergency department unless the illness is severe enough to warrant admission. Isolate suspected cases to minimise the risk of transmission within your department/practice.
  • Take blood for measles serology in all suspected cases. Discuss whether to take nose and throat swabs for PCR with the Department if your suspicion for measles is high. Approval is required prior to PCR testing at the reference laboratory. PCR testing for measles does not attract a Medicare rebate.

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