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This is a FREE 3 hour Workshop for SIX people only at each practice. Gippsland Regional Palliative Care Consortium (GRPCC) and Gippsland PHN are partnering to provide training to general practitioners and practice nurses on evidence based therapeutic communications skills in the context of palliative care and Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD). The communication skills learned within these workshops are transferable across the breadth of care for all patients.

What the workshop offers:

  • Evidence based communication skills to use when discussing the transition to palliative care or VAD with cancer patients, their families and friends
  • The opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment using professionally trained actors 
  • Small groups and the ability to meet individual learning objectives



‘This is eligible education under the RACGP CPD Program’

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It is estimated that one in ten patients in any general practice is a carer. Carers provide a vital role, and enable patients to maintain their independence, wellness and quality of life. However, carers themselves can experience a range of negative health, social and financial impacts as a result of their caring role.
The Victorian carer strategy 2018-2022, developed with input from 1,500 carers, found that many carers will spend lots of their time in healthcare settings but will rarely have their own health needs identified or addressed.
The Carer Awareness in General Practice is an education kit that offers guidance for GPs to identify and support patients who are carers. Education covers recognition of the carer role, identifying and supporting carer needs and involving the carer in patient care. This education is accredited for RACGP and ACRRM professional development, provided when you complete all three short webinars and the associated survey.
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Latrobe Smoking Cessation Pharmacy Pilot 2020

Support that suits you – Talk to your Pharmacist about quitting smoking.

Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) is seeking Latrobe based community Pharmacies to participate in a project that aims to increase the rates of smoking cessation within the Latrobe local government area.

Pharmacies participating in the project will eligible for reimbursement payments up to a maximum amount of $3,500 (ex GST) compensating staff time.

About the project

Tobacco smoking remains the leading cause of preventative death in Victoria, with Gippsland having some of the highest smoking prevalence rates. Across Latrobe 21.1 per cent of people in 2020 identify as smokers, compared to Victoria where in 2016, 11.7 per cent of people aged over 14 identified as daily smokers[1].

As a part of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone (LHIZ): Early Detection and Screening including Tobacco Initiative, supported by the Victorian Government, Gippsland PHN in partnership with Quit Victoria are piloting a Latrobe Smoking Cessation in Pharmacy Project beginning in October 2020.

Gippsland PHN is seeking to engage community Pharmacies within Latrobe to participate in a project that aims to build the knowledge and capacity of Latrobe Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants to deliver best-practice smoking cessation care, with an added focus on increasing pharmacists’ confidence in providing advice and information to customers with conditions where smoking directly increases risk or harm.  

The project will enable pharmacists and pharmacy staff to deliver smoking cessation support, through the 3-step Brief Advice Model. Tailored training delivered by Quit Victoria will be delivered to participating pharmacists, with an additional online training for pharmacy assistants made available to ensure pharmacy assistants have capacity to support pharmacists in delivery of the 3-step Brief Advice Model2.


Participating Pharmacies must:

  • Be a Community Pharmacy within Latrobe
  • Commit at least one or more Pharmacists to complete Training and Education activities as outlined below.
  • Commit to participating in a locally developed community facing campaign, endorsed by Quit Victoria.
  • Actively participate in the project evaluation activities as outlined below.

What’s involved for participating pharmacies?

Participating Pharmacies are required to:

  • Gain project support from relevant pharmacy executives through a participation agreement with Gippsland PHN.
  • Identify a project lead within the pharmacy, identifying pharmacists and pharmacy staff who would participate in project activities.
  • Provide baseline data including submission of approximate NRT sales and referrals to Quitline.
  • Assign Pharmacists and pharmacy staff to participate in online training and education modules and follow up webinar.
  • Participate in and support the developed community facing campaign, to be displayed within the pharmacy setting promoting the Pharmacists as a source of support and clinical knowledge for smoking cessation.
  • Participate in evaluation activities including: pre and post project surveys, case study and post- training community facing survey.

What will Gippsland PHN do?

  • Reimburse Pharmacies up to a maximum amount of $3,500 (ex GST) – actual payment value is to be determined by negotiation.  
  • Provide access to training and education to Pharmacists on the 3-step Brief Advice Model and Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation.
  • Provide access to smoking cessation online training modules for pharmacy staff.
  • Provide access to resources to support health professionals to provide smoking cessation interventions.
  • Provide pre and post project surveys, community survey and case study activity templates.
  • Provide a range of localised in-store promotional campaign resources for use within each Pharmacy, that promotes Pharmacists as a source of support and clinical knowledge for smoking cessation.
  • Support and assist project lead from each participating Pharmacy.
  • Provide a summary and final project report to each participating Pharmacy.

Application process

Latrobe Pharmacies interested in participating in the Latrobe Smoking Cessation Pharmacy Pilot must complete the Expressions of Interest form (Attachment 1) and return to the Gippsland PHN contact person by Wednesday 30 September 2020.

 For more information:

The Gippsland PHN contact person for further information is:

Stephanie Germano, Project Officer – Innovation and Health Reform

P: 0438 340 651


Download Project Specification.

Expression of Interest: Latrobe Smoking Cessation Pharmacy Pilot

 To express interest for your pharmacy, please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

This application constitutes an expression of interest only. Gippsland PHN will contact your pharmacy upon receiving the application form. Pending approval, each pharmacy site will enter into a contract with Gippsland PHN which will outline the activities required to be undertaken by pharmacies and specify reimbursement payments (up to the maximum amount of $3,500 (ex GST)).

Gippsland PHN have partnered with The Benchmarque Group to provide FREE Screening and Identifying Chronic Disease in Primary Health training, exclusively available to Gippsland primary healthcare professionals.  See flyer for details.

This is an online-only program that focuses on health assessment and screening activities to identify, support and manage patients with chronic disease.

CPD:  Underpinned by the nationally-accredited unit of competency CHCCCS023 and is delivered online via BenchmarqueIQ, 60 hours CPD.

This is a fully funded course (normally $425 per person) with a limited number of places. Study commitment is approximately 60 hours of active learning and must be completed by 31 December 2020.  Download Benchmarque flyer for further information. 

Please note: Expression of Interest close date is 1st October 2020.

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