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Gippsland Primary Health Network (Gippsland PHN) works to improve health and wellbeing of people across Gippsland.

We do not deliver direct services; our job is to make the health system work better, especially for people who find it hard to access the help they need.

We rely on information from Gippsland people to help us work on what is needed most.

We will consider all the information in our thinking and will publish summary information here from time to time to let you know what we have learnt and how it’s being used.

Please click the “+” buttons below to tell us more.

We are working with Lifeline Gippsland and Monash University to learn more about AOD and suicide prevention in Gippsland.

This project will help Gippsland PHN and Lifeline Gippsland understand:

  • How easy it is for people to get the information and resources they need about AOD and suicide prevention and whether access can be improved.
  • Whether there are any gaps in the AOD and suicide prevention information and resources currently available and, if so, what is missing.

By identifying resource gaps and issues with access, we aim to either produce new localised resources or improve access to existing resources for the Gippsland community.

The information you share can help us raise awareness of health issues and resources. We can use it to work with other organisations to make it easier to get the right information when and where you need it. It will also help us make better decisions about how we spend money so its most useful.

We would like to talk to you if you live in Gippsland and;

  1. have a lived experience of AOD use or suicide, either now or in the past (including carers, family members and friends).
  2. are an interested member of the Gippsland community who is keen to have input into the project.
  3. work with or refer to AOD and/or suicide prevention services.

You can help us by taking part in a one-on-one interview (30 – 60 minutes) or small group discussion (60 – 90 minutes) either by phone or online using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

Consenting to participate and withdrawing from the study

Participating in this project is voluntary. Before sharing information with us, you should understand the information in this document. If you participate in an interview or group discussion you will be asked to read the Explanatory Statement and complete a consent form.

Download the Explanatory Statement and complete the Consent Form online.

If you would rather have the Explanatory Statement and Consent Form mailed to you, phone Lifeline Gippsland’s Pat Lovelock on 5136 3500.

You can also complete the consent form online here;

Tell Gippsland PHN – AOD and suicide prevention consent form

Dementia Survey now open.

We are still working with Monash University to learn more about dementia in Gippsland.

Summary results from interviews conducted in 2020 are now available here.

A brief summary of service options for people worried about their memory or thinking is available here.

We would like to hear from:

  1. people with a dementia diagnosis and those worried about their memory or thinking
  2. family and carers of people with dementia
  3. professionals who provide services and support for people with dementia

You can help us by completing a survey which will take 5-10 minutes.

Before completing the survey, please read the Explanatory Statement.

Access the online survey here.

Or phone 5175 5444 and ask for the Explanatory Statement and survey to be mailed to you.

I understand that:

  • The research may not be of any direct benefit to me.
  • Summary information gained during the study may be published, but my personal results will not be shared.
  • I am free to withdraw from the project at any time.

Download this flyer and share it with your networks

How can we keep our community healthy? A Latrobe Community Conversation.

Gippsland PHN is working with the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone to learn more about how we can keep our community healthy and well.

We are interested in what we can do to prevent long-term health conditions in our community, like Type 2 Diabetes and Heart, Respiratory or Kidney Disease.

Be part of the solution and help keep our community healthy.

We would like to ask you some questions, including:

· What does prevention mean to you?

· What you know about long-term health conditions?

· What do you know about risk factors for long-term health conditions?

· How you can avoid long-term health conditions and is this important to you?

Health information is often hard to understand and stay on top of as it is forever changing. We would like your help to inform future projects including the development of an awareness raising campaign for the community about achieving better health.

Please spare a few minutes to share your experience and opinions to help us improve your health and the health of Latrobe Valley.

Download the flyer and share it with your networks.

There are two ways you can participate:

Participate in a brief telephone conversation or complete an online survey. If you choose a telephone conversation you will receive a coffee voucher from a local café as a thank you for your time.

1. A brief telephone conversation

If you would like to speak to one of our team by telephone to answer some simple questions (10-15 minutes), please SMS the words BETTER HEALTH to 0418 595 781 and we will arrange a time that will suit you.

2. Complete the online survey

If you prefer you can complete the brief survey online.

An initiative of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone supported by the Victorian Government.

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