Telehealth and digital health patient education

Bringing telehealth and digital patient education together to support patient experience and health outcomes is the topic for a webinar on Tuesday 26 May from noon-1pm.

With the rapid rollout of telehealth services being driven by COVID-19, health services are seeking advice on how to best integrate tools and resources that maximise engagement and the quality of the patient experience, support their ongoing self-management and improve health outcomes.

In this webinar, the panel will offer its perspectives on telehealth and digital patient education in both pre and post COVID-19 contexts:

  • How digital patient education is being used to support telehealth and better health outcomes
  • Supporting chronic disease self management during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Enhancing telehealth services with tailored digital health resources

 Panelists are Managing Director of Healthily, Tina Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Diabetes Centres, Natalie Wischer and Telehealth Manager, Agency for Clinical Innovation, NSW Health, Donna Parkes.