Statewide Paediatric HealthPathways Project – Phase Two Regional Reference Group

The Victorian PHN Alliance is working with the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network and Safer Care Victoria’s Paediatric Clinical Network, to translate existing Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) into state-wide paediatric HealthPathways.

These pathways aim to empower primary care clinicians to support patients with low complexity, high volume paediatric conditions, and ultimately deliver better, safer care. For more information on the project, visit

As part of this project, Gippsland PHN recently hosted a Regional Reference Group meeting to review and provide local context to pathways for Anaphylaxis, Adverse Food Reactions, and Eczema.

These pathways are part of a suite of 16 paediatric pathways that will be available in October.

Pictured is Daniel Webster (HealthPathways Gippsland program lead), Dr Paul Odgers (Gippsland GP), Dr Saba Subiramanian (Paediatrician CGHS), Dr Liz Wearne (HealthPathways Gippsland GP Editor), Dr Scott Parsons (Melbourne HealthPathways GP Editor) at the Regional Reference Group meeting in August.

New HealthPathways

HealthPathways Gippsland now has over 170 clinical and referral pathways localised, including the below that have been published over the last few months:

Chlamydia – Genital



Family Violence Community Support

Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Palliative Care Overview


Chronic Pain

Breast Cancer Screening

Popular HealthPathways

Non-urgent or Routine Mental Health Referrals

Immunisation – Childhood

Acute Asthma in Children

Anxiety and Depression in Adults

Cervical Screening


To access HealthPathways Gippsland, please visit and click on the request access link.