Severe weather prediction in Victoria

Severe weather predicted – info for your awareness, planning and preparedness:

A significant cold front with locally destructive wind gusts (potential for 130km/hr along the south west coast, up to 110km in Melbourne) is expected to cross the state overnight. Damaging wind gusts are predicted to contract to East Gippsland by tomorrow afternoon before moderating tomorrow night. Further, a storm surge will move along the Victorian coast (including Port Phillip Bay) overnight into Friday (high tide of particular concern). A severe weather warning is current for the south west coast (

With severe weather there is a risk of property damage, transport disruption, road hazards and local power outages which may be caused by damage to infrastructure.

Please ensure your health service or facility is appropriately prepared and that you seek to mitigate any likely risks ahead of the weather event. We encourage you to remain alert to advice and warnings ( and provide early information to the department through your emergency management contact should you experience any significant impact from this or any other event.

If you require further support or information contact 

State Emergency Management Centre
State Duty Operations Officer (24 hours): 1300 790 733