SafeScript – continued support for health professionals

Gippsland PHN continues to support GPs and health professionals by keeping them informed on the SafeScript program.

Since the program was first rolled out across Victoria in April 2019, Gippsland PHN has received positive feedback from its GPs and Pharmacists.

SafeScript is computer software that allows prescription records for high-risk medicines to be centrally captured and transmitted in real-time to its database which can then be accessed by prescribers and pharmacists during a consultation. The program will become mandatory by April 2020.

It is easy to develop a dependence on a high-risk medicine even when it is only being taken for a short period of time to address issues such as pain or anxiety. SafeScript enables doctors and pharmacists to make safer clinical decisions and identify circumstances where patients may be receiving high-risk medicines beyond medical need.

Prescription medicines causing greatest harm to the community will be monitored through SafeScript. This includes all Schedule 8 medicines and other high-risk medicines such as benzodiazepines, zolpidem or zopiclone, quetiapine and codeine.

DACAS 1800 812 804 (toll free) is a 24 hour, 7 day a week,

Telephone secondary consultation for health professionals, to assist with diagnosis, clinical management and treatment options for patients with drug and alcohol problems including pharmaceutical dependence.

Addiction Medicine Specialist Service
Providing enhanced specialist alcohol and drug consultancy either face–to–face or via telehealth for assessment, treatment planning and/or short-term care of patients referred by their GPs for opinion and management of alcohol, pharmaceutical and other drug use disorders, or problem gambling.

For referral to this service, please fax referral to 9486 9766 or email

The Turning Point Addiction Medicine Unit
A state–wide residential detox service for patients that require medical withdrawal and stabilisation management of alcohol, pharmaceutical and/or other drug use disorders and associated comorbidities. Stabilisation management includes commencement on opioid replacement therapy, management of complex withdrawal and/or management of other medical and psychological health issues.

For referral to this service, please email or contact 1800 778 278

For further information on SafeScript, including technical support visit

Prescribers and pharmacists can download information sheets via the Prescribers and pharmacists information page at Health Vic

You can also find out more about SafeScript at PHN Victorian-Tasmanian Alliance.