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Following Gippsland GPHN’s education series ‘Telehealth psychiatry to improve access to specialist mental health care’, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Greg Sam reminds General Practitioners of psychiatry services available through Conduit Health.

Their aim is to improve the way in which health care is delivered to areas of need. Depending on patient requirements, referring doctor requirements, their Psychiatrists have the capacity to see patients ongoing in a shared care arrangement, as well as to facilitate inpatient admissions if necessary.

Conduit Health has a team of Psychiatrists who specialise in various subspecialties, including Child and Adolescent, Forensic, Perinatal, Old Age, and Addiction Psychiatry to name a few. They are constantly expanding their sub-specialist group, thereby providing the rural population with equal opportunities that those living in major cities would have access to.

Benefits of Conduit Health telepsychiatry consults include:

  • Bulk billed
  • No travel costs, out of pocket consultation costs, or waiting room times
  • Access to a wide variety of sub-specialists
  • Prompt appointments and feedback to referring doctors
  • Easy referral process
  • Capacity to see patients ongoing, to organise a shared care arrangement
  • Capacity to organise inpatient admissions to inpatient Psychiatric facilities
  • Capacity to provide educational sessions for general practitioners via teleconferencing

Requirements for patients:

  • Internet access
  • Webcam
  • Medicare card number
  • Credit card number (no show fee if applicable)

Requirements for referring doctors:

  • Written referral with provider number
  • Practice contact details
  • Request/aim of referral
  • List of patients current treatments and medication regime
  • Any other relevant contacts

How to refer a patient:

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