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Do you have patients who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Refer your patients to the Life! program

“I’ve lost 15.8kg…physically I feel really good. I drive and operate a lot of heavy machinery as part of my job, and now I find that I can move around a lot easier. I feel good about myself, too, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve done. My doctor’s pleased with me, too, and so is my wife!”
Alan, Life! program participant

The Life! program is a type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention program. Coordinated by Diabetes Victoria and funded by the Victorian Government, the program supports people to reduce their risk of chronic disease while building their capacity to manage their own health.

Run by health professionals, the program is delivered as a Group Course or a Telephone Health Coaching service. Participants learn more about healthy eating, reading food labels, nutrition, exercise, stress management and goal setting. Please refer your patients to the Life! program. Entry is via the patient’s AUSDRISK score (≥12), their Absolute Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment score (≥10%) or if they have one of the listed pre-existing conditions which are known to place them at increased risk of CVD or type 2 diabetes. GP clinics may be able to receive financial incentives for referring high-risk patients who meet the program eligibility criteria.

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