Drought Relief 2

Relief for Gippsland Farmers Impacted by Drought and Fire

Relief for Gippsland Farmers Impacted by Drought and Fire

Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) supported the Australian Government to deliver Drought Relief Information Sessions recently across Gippsland to farmers who may be impacted by the drought.

Events were held over a seven week period in drought-affected regions of New South Wales prior to commencing in Victoria. The Drought Relief roadshow has been well attended by farmers seeking support in Central and East Gippsland.

Representatives from several state and federal government agencies joined the roadshow in Gippsland to answer questions about accessing relief and support services during another tough season. Farmers that attended had been adversely affected, not only by the dry conditions but by the bushfires in recent weeks.

Drought Community Support Initiative (DCSI) provides practical assistance of up to $3000 (up to $2000 cash and $100 in vouchers) to eligible farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers/contractors who are facing hardship due to the drought and live or work in Wellington or East Gippsland and 79 other local government areas around the country. This financial assistance is being delivered in Victoria by The Salvation Army on behalf of the Government.

For a comprehensive list of government drought assistance available visit www.farmhub.org.au