Child Being Immunised

Help Protect Your Community – Immunisation Saves Lives

Another case of Measles has been reported in Melbourne this week highlighting the need for immunisations to be given on time and kept up to date. This gives children the best protection against serious disease.

Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) is working with the Australian Government to protect children from preventable diseases, such as measles.

Chief Executive Officer Amanda Proposch said it’s important Gippsland PHN continue to inform parents about the benefits of vaccinating their children.

“The recently published Gippsland PHN needs assessment report identified, while immunisation rates remain relatively high in Gippsland (94.7 per cent of one-year olds in Gippsland were fully immunised in 2018) we still need to reinforce the importance of keeping up to date with immunisations”, she said.

In February 2019, the Australian Government launched phase three of the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign – Immunisation – Get the Facts to encourage Australian parents and carers to get their kids vaccinated.

The focus of this phase of the campaign addresses the importance of vaccinating on time and the protection provided by vaccination as well as continuing to address the concerns around vaccine safety.

“This campaign delivers strong and powerful messages to parents, not only on the risks of not vaccinating your child, and the dangers of not vaccinating on time”, said Ms Proposch.

“Access to immunisation in Gippsland is really easy.” Immunisation sessions are held in each shire throughout Gippsland under the National Immunisation Program. Contact your local shire for more information or contact your General Practitioner.

Immunisation statements are required for enrolment purposes at schools, kindergartens and child care centres and are posted to your last registered Medicare postal address. Parents can request a statement direct by calling 1800 653 809 or online from Medicare.