Latrobe Regional Hospital and Gippsland PHN have collaborated on the design of a Suicide Prevention Service, funded by the Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program.

The service provides free treatment and support to individuals who

after a suicide attempt or self-harm incident have been discharged into the care of a GP from hospital or released into the care of a GP from an Accident and Emergency department
people who have presented to a GP after an accident or incident of self-harm
people who have expressed strong suicidal ideations or feelings to their GP.

Treatment consists of short term intensive recovery based support for up to two months.

The Suicide Prevention Service is operated by Latrobe Regional Hospital five days a week, 8.30am to 5.00pm. There is no limit to the number of sessions or number of referrals per person in a calendar year. Sessions are provided face to face at Latrobe Regional Hospital and GP practices throughout Gippsland.

Eligibility criteria

over 18 years of age
the referral has been discussed with the patient and is agreeable
not able to access other services (geographical isolation, eligibility/cost)
could benefit from and is able to participate in short term psychological strategies
the consumer is able to attend Mental Health/GP clinics for appointments. This service does not provide outreach.

Individuals who may not meet the eligibility criteria for the Suicide Prevention Program, but are considered to be at an acute risk of suicide or self-harm should be referred immediately to the Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Triage on 1300 36 33 22.

For more information on the program, eligibility and the referral pathway view the GP Referral Flow Chart.

If you would like to refer your patients into this program, please ensure eligibility criteria are met, and contact LRH Mental Health Triage on 1300 36 33 22.

For more information contact Owen Connolly, Suicide Prevention clinician on (03) 5128 0100, during business hours.