Psychological Therapies

(Formally known and adapted from Access to Allied Psychological Therapies, ATAPS)

The Psychological Therapies program is a free, confidential psychology program funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health.  The program provides access to effective, low cost treatment for people with a mental illness who may not otherwise be able to access services. Psychological Therapies is a key component within the stepped model of care within Gippsland, particularly supporting those experiancing mild to moderate mental illness.

The key objectives of Psychological Therapies are to;

Produce better outcomes for people with high prevalence mental disorders through offering evidence based short-term psychological interventions.

Target services to those people requiring primary mental health care who are not likely to be able to access other services.

Complement other fee-for-service programs and address service gaps for people in particular geographical areas and population groups.

Offer referral pathways for General Practitioners (GPs) to support their role in primary mental health care.

Offer non-pharmacological approaches to the management of common mental disorders.

Promote a team approach to the management of mental disorders.

Who is eligible for Psychological Therapies?

Psychological Therapies is for any individual with mild to moderate mental illness who would benefit from short term focused psychological strategies.

The client must meet the key eligibility criteria;

unable to access other services (geographical, financial, not eligible for other services).

could benefit from short term goals focused psychological strategies

Referring into the Psychological Therapies program

Referrers are required to;

  • assess the patient against the eligibility criteria, and if eligible for Psychological Therapies
  • complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan and referral letter
  • contact funded agency (listed below) to action referral
  • confirm with the community member referred to the program, generally within 2-4 weeks, that referral has been appropriate and suited to their needs.

The following agencies provide Psychological Therapies within their geographic locations:

  • Bass Coast Health –Phone 03 5671 3278
  • Orbost Regional Health –Phone 03 5154 6666
  • Gippsland Lakes Community Health – Phone 03 5152 0020
  • Migdala House, Warragul – Phone 03 5622 0716
  • Yarram District Health Service – Phone 03 5182 0333
  • South Gippsland Hospital (Foster) – Phone 03 56839780
  • Victorian Counselling and Psychological Services (Mallacoota and surrounds) – Telepsychology. Phone 03 9419 7172