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A Review of Advance Care Planning Engagement in Gippsland – Consumer and General Practitioner Focus

Gippsland PHN invited general practices in January 2017 to participate in sponsored research to evaluate Advanced Care Planning in Gippsland. Click here to download the Report – Advance Care Plan Gippsland Consumer Engagement March 2017.

Gippsland PHN selected 10 communities and general practices from Gippsland’s six Local Government Areas where a series of interviews, involving 30 people and one general practice per community, occurred. The evaluation of Advanced Care Planning was a collaborative approach to design, consult and gain measurable insights as to the attitudes, experiences and needs of General Practitioners and their patients of Advanced Care Planning.

Tom Holman, Customer Focus Pty Ltd, from Foster, has been appointed as the Researcher and worked in collaboration with Gippsland PHN.

We believe this research will guide us to resource Advanced Care Planning priorities in the Gippsland region and better understand local needs. The highly collaborative project was overseen by a Reference Group, with the following members:

  • Marg Bogart – Manager, Primary Health and Workforce, Gippsland PHN (Chair)
  • Tom Holman – Researcher, Customer Focus Pty Ltd
  • Dr Patrick Kinsella – GP Gippsland Lakes Community Health
  • Patricia Bryce – Gippsland PHN Community Advisory Committee
  • Michelle Crosby – Practice Support Officer, Gippsland PHN.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Document community experiences and needs regarding Advanced Care Planning
  • Record the support resources currently in use in the community
  • Measure attitudes to Advanced Care Planning from GPs and consumers
  • Provide a base line measure of the existence and communication of Advanced Care Planning
  • Identify key enablers of Advanced Care Planning
  • Provide recommendations to achieve our Advanced Care Planning goal.


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