The PHN Mental Health Outcomes Project was a short-term qualitative project funded by the National Mental Health Commission to inform their role in monitoring and reporting on mental health and suicide prevention reforms. The project was conducted between February and September 2017.

Project Outline

The aim of the project was to consider how PHNs nationally, regionally and locally have approached mental health system reform, and how this informs NMHC’s role in monitoring and reporting.

Specific project objectives are:

  • Review PHNs’ experiences of regional integration and reform implementation and processes concerning mental health and suicide prevention
  • Review PHNs’ consumer and carer participation and engagement in mental health and suicide prevention policy and practice
  • Identify options for how the NMHC can assist PHNs in relation to PHNs’ roles in mental health and suicide prevention.

The key stages of the project were:

  • Phase one – stakeholder consultation, review of experiences and preliminary analysis/recommendations, including review of developments in consumer and carer experiences and frameworks applicable to the PHN context
  • Phase two – final report including critical analysis and project evaluation.

Project Reports

  • PHN Mental Health Outcomes Phase One Preliminary Report.
  • PHN Mental Health Outcomes Poster.
  • PHN Mental Health Outcomes Report.

For more information about the project, please contact Liz Craig, Manager Health Planning, Research and Evaluation at liz.craig@gphn.org.au or 0437 396 991