Rotarix vaccine is to replace RotaTeq vaccine from 1 July 2017

Following a recent Commonwealth government tendering process, Rotarix vaccine is to replace RotaTeq vaccine from 1 July 2017

  • The oral rotavirus vaccine Rotarix given in a 2-dose schedule at 2 months (from 6 weeks) and 4 months of age, will replace RotaTeq vaccine from 1 July 2017.
  • This means the oral rotavirus vaccine will no longer be required at the 6 month old schedule point.
  • Rotarix age restrictions apply. The 1st dose must be administered prior to 15 weeks of age and the 2nd dose prior to 25 weeks of age.
  • During the brand switch period, some infants may potentially receive fewer doses than routinely scheduled when using the RotaTeq brand. 

Rotarix vaccine stock

  • Prior to July 2017, start to reduce your stock of RotaTeq vaccine in preparation for receiving Rotarix vaccine later in June.
  • The vaccine will not be pre-allocated, as a rotavirus order is received, you will automatically receive Rotarix vaccine from late June.
  • Clinics must take into consideration that the course is a 2 dose rather than a 3 dose course so you will not need as much stock for the month’s use.
  • Only local council immunisation services will receive the RotaTeq vaccine stock after July until remaining stock is used.

More information

For expert clinical advice to assist in the switch from RotaTeq to Rotarix, download the Australian Government Department of Health ATAGI advice on Rotarix® to replace RotaTeq® document.

  • Become familiar with the recommendations for the use of rotavirus vaccines during the brand switch period in Table 1 of the document.
  • Be familiar with Table 2. Potential scenarios and recommended response during RotaTeq to Rotarix switch period assuming you no longer have RotaTeq vaccine.
  • Read the evidence for vaccine effectiveness and safety of mixed or reduced dose schedules.

    From July 2017, all states and territories across Australia will be only using Rotarix vaccine. Rotavirus vaccine is not included in the definition of fully vaccinated in relation to family assistance payments and for childcare enrolment.