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Gippsland PHN aims to reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable disease in Gippsland by assisting general practice to provide optimal immunisation services.

General Practitioners are one of the key groups able to improve Australia’s childhood immunisation levels as they have significant contact with the target group—children under the age of seven.

Each consultation is an opportunity to monitor a child’s immunisation status and provide immunisation services if required. General Practitioners have contact with other significant groups from the community who require monitoring of their immunisation status. These people include immigrants, newly arrived refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people wishing to travel overseas. General practices can also consider the special vaccination needs of their vulnerable populations such as those with chronic medical conditions and those over the age 65 years.


  • Provision of information on vaccines and government vaccination programs
  • Education and training for GPs and practice nurses
  • Monitor immunisation coverage rates

Gippsland Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination Services

Adults across Gippsland can receive influenza, measles-mumps-rubella and pertussis-containing vaccinations from their pharmacist under the Victorian Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination Program.

Details of Gippsland pharmacies registered to administer government-funded vaccine to eligible adults under the National Immunisation Program, the Victorian Government’s Partner Whooping Cough Vaccine Program and the Victorian Government’s Measles-Mumps-Rubella Adult Vaccine Program can be found here.

For further information visit the health.vic website.

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