The Ideas Bank is the method Gippsland PHN will use from 2018-19 to encourage and promote the proactive development and documenting of innovative ideas and proposals that respond to local population health needs, national and state priorities, and Gippsland PHN strategic directions.

Ideas are sought from health services, community organisations, community groups and individuals. Where a proposal is evaluated as representing a well-developed, innovative idea it will be progressed to the Gippsland PHN Ideas Bank. This Ideas Bank will be used by Gippsland PHN to work with partners and community to identify funding sources to implement the project. Ideas Bank submissions which best meet the selection criteria will be funded by Gippsland PHN. We may also recommend working with partners and community to identify funding sources to implement the project.

Do you want to make a difference to the health outcomes for Gippsland people?

Do you have an innovative idea that responds to local population health needs, national and state priorities and Gippsland PHN strategic directions?

Gippsland PHN is a not for profit primary health organisation with the key objectives of:

  • Improved health outcomes for people with chronic disease and those patients at risk of poor health outcomes
  • Improved coordination of care that ensures patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time
  • Lower prevalence of locally prioritised conditions
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of medical services and other primary health services

Gippsland PHN key focus areas and priorities are:

Gippsland PHN Priorities 2019-21
1. Supporting people 2. Main health issues 3. Better health services 4. Prevention
Children (0-14 years) Alcohol and other drugs Access to services Community connectedness
People with disabilities Cancer Better use of technology Family violence
Indigenous people Heart related issues Services working together Lifestyle factors 
People with social and financial worries Ongoing lung related issues High quality care  
People 65 years and over Diabetes Enough trained health professional   
  Mental health    
  Reproductive/sexual health    


Information about Gippsland PHN identified priorities is available on the Population Health Planning page.

Download the Ideas Bank Guidelines and Ideas Bank Template

Ideas Bank Specification and Guidance Document

    Ideas bank template