Setting your healthcare organisation up to be My Health Record ready is the first step towards accessing your patients My Health Record. Information on how to set your healthcare organisation and link in healthcare providers can be found on the My Health Record website.

1.    Prepare

The first step to accessing the My Health Record is by registering your healthcare provider organisation.

2.    Register


You can now apply online for your

  • Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations (HPI-O)
  • My Health Record System
  • NASH PKI Certificate for Organisations

All three digital health services are required to access the My Health Record.

Refer to the HPI-O Online Registration Guide for step by step instructions.


Register your seed organisation. If you are unsure if your healthcare organisation is already registered with the Health Information (HI) Service please call 1300 361 457.

If you have a seed and network organisation structure, view the My Health Record Provider registration.

3.    Access

A confirmation letter will be sent to your organisation when your application has been processed and confirmed. Once your organisation is registered in the My Health Record system, authorised staff can access the system, either:

Using conformant clinical computer software that is installed on the organisation’s IT system

  1. Install conformant clinical software on your organisation’s IT system.
  2. Apply for a Department of Human Services’ NASH PKI Certificate using the ‘Application to Request a National Authentication Service for Health Public Key Infrastructure Certificate for Healthcare provider organisations’, which you can download from the Department of Human Services website.
  3. Install the NASH PKI Certificate on your organisation’s IT system.
  4. Begin accessing the My Health Record system.


Via the My Health Record provider portal (read access only).

Notify the System Operator of the individuals in the organisation who are authorised to access the provider portal on the organisation’s behalf. This can be done:


Summary of the registration process

Participating in the My Health Record System: a Registration Guide for Healthcare Organisations

Frequently Asked Questions for Providers


The National Health Service Directory (NHSD) now identifies general practices that are connected to the My Health Record.

As practices are connected to the My Health Record, the My Health Record logo will automatically be displayed next to your practice details on the NHSD service finders and widgets.