Assisting individuals to register (Assisted Registration)

Assisted Registration is a way for Healthcare Organisations to help individuals register for a My Health Record.

If a Healthcare Organisation chooses to provide this voluntary service to individuals, it does so by submitting an individual’s details to the My Health Record System Operator using compatible software. In doing so the organisation asserts that it has checked the individual’s identity and obtained their consent to being registered and having their health information uploaded to their My Health Record. If successful, the individual will be registered almost immediately and the organisation will be able to upload clinical information about the individual to their My Health Record straight away.

Assisted registration does not have to be time consuming, it can be completed by handing out the assisted registration application form (Adult or Child) and the essential information. Forms are to be returned to the administrative staff who are also able to input the individual’s information into their practice software.

Online training videos are available on the Australian Digital Health Agency website. Select your conformant clinical software and work through the videos.

Assisted Registration Guide for Healthcare Providers

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Assisted Registration Identification Framework

Assisted Registration Essential Information and Privacy Collection Notice

Assisted Registration Form – Adult

Assisted Registration Form – Child

Assisted Registration – First Access Consumer Guide to Access your My Health Record

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Assisted Registration Legislation changes

Changes have been made to the legislation that governs the My Health Record system (previously named the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record or PCEHR system).

From 18 December 2015, organisations providing assisted registration services no longer need to use or store an Assisted Registration application form, however:

  • organisations are still required to provide an individual with the Essential Information prior to helping them to register for the My Health Record system;
  • organisations are still required to obtain an individual’s consent to register with the My Health Record system and the individual’s consent to healthcare providers uploading documents to their record;
  • organisations can choose to provide individuals with the application form to complete in order to collect the necessary information from the individual, however this is optional; and
  • if an organisation chooses to use the application form, the organisation is not required to send the form to the My Health Record System Operator.