Expression of Interest - Beta testing of POLAR GP (September 2017)

Gippsland PHN is seeking an Expression of Interest from General Practices to take part in beta testing of POLAR GP, to review upcoming changes to the program prior to release to all clinics.

The role of the POLAR GP beta testing Practice is to test new releases and functionality of the POLAR GP data analysis tool in general practice. This activity is to identify any errors or anomalies in POLAR GP and will also allow feedback on the usability of new developments to ensure functionality and design of POLAR GP meets the needs of general practice.

More information that outlines the role, eligibility, how to get involved and remuneration is available, click here to download the information sheet.

Data extraction is the process of retrieving information from a repository of data to analyse further. Data extraction and analysis in primary health care is critical to ensure that we are informed of service gaps, health needs and make evidence-based decisions. The sharing of data forms part of Gippsland PHN’s commitment to working closely with general practice, improving our understanding of general practice needs across the region, allowing us to respond accordingly and improve patient outcomes.

Through the use of data extraction and analysis tools the Gippsland PHN supports general practices in Gippsland in building the capacity and expertise in data extraction tools for the purpose of improving patient outcomes. In the current market there are several data extraction tools available to general practice, one such tool is POLAR GP.

Gippsland PHN currently subsidises Pen CAT licences for general practices in Gippsland. As of the 30th of June 2016 Gippsland PHN will no longer be providing Pen CAT licences to practices. Gippsland PHN will continue to fully subsidise and support a data extraction and analysis tool, POLAR GP.

The Gippsland PHN eHealth team is commencing a POLAR GP pilot in February 2016 and a Gippsland wide rollout will commence in March 2016. The pilot is being carried out to ensure that design meets the needs of general practices across the Gippsland region and to identify any enhancements required to support general practices.

Further communications will be provided to all general practices to discuss the rollout of POLAR GP.

What is POLAR GP?

POLAR GP is a data analysis and extraction tool for general practice quality improvement and population health planning. It is a program that draws de-identified clinical information from local general practices as well as state-wide datasets allowing for advanced population health planning across the region.

From a general practice point of view POLAR GP allows practices to audit and review their own practice’s data. POLAR GP can be utilised for quality improvements, improved planning and medical management of patients, maximising MBS item numbers, improving patient outcomes, identifying service needs, and ensuring complete and accurate data.

For further information on POLAR GP and the pilot please download the factsheet.

If you have any queries regarding data extraction or the POLAR GP pilot please do not hesitate to contact the eHealth team at Gippsland PHN on 03 5126 2899.