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If you have patients or clients who need aged care services, they should now be referred to My Aged Care via the website or the contact centre.

Reforming Aged Care in Australia

The traditional image of aged care is often associated with residential aged care, but most people want to stay independent, remain in their home and connected to family and community for much longer. Australia’s investment in home support and home care packages means that people will have greater choice and flexibility when it comes to home-based care and support.

Aged care reforms are being progressively implemented in three phases over a ten year period, 2012 – 2022, to ensure the system is the best for all  Australians, and can be sustainable and affordable:

  • 2012-13 and 2013-14: Years one and two delivered immediate, urgently needed improvements while laying the groundwork for further reform.
  • 2014-15 and 2015-16: Years three and four delivered improved access and choice for consumers, and stronger system sustainability.
  • 2016-17 to 2021-22: Changes to be implemented in this phase will be developed in consultation with the aged care sector. The legislation mandates a five-year review be undertaken to look at the impact of reforms to date and where there the need is to take the system in the future.

The Aged Care Sector Committee has developed the Aged Care Roadmap that sets out future reform directions for aged care. Download the roadmap.

Accessing the Aged Care system – My Aged Care website and contact centre

As from 7 March 2016, Victorian Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) started using the full functionality of the My Aged Care website combined with a contact centre. Download the useful guide: Implications and actions for service providers. HACC providers are scheduled to transition to My Aged Care on 1 June 2016. Download information for Victorian HACC providers.

My Aged Care  is the main entry point to the aged care system in Australia. The vision for My Aged Care is to make it easier for older people, their families, and carers to access information on ageing and aged care, have their needs assessed and be supported to locate and access services available to them.

It is important that people are referred to My Aged Care to ensure their aged care needs can be assessed holistically, and the right services put in place to support their aged care needs and service preferences.

My Aged Care Health Professional Web Form

The My Aged Care health professional web form that was released on June 27 for use by health professionals to make a referral.

The health professional web form is for use by all health professionals making non-urgent referrals for assessments to My Aged Care for their patients. Improvements have also been made to the existing web form that is currently used by service providers and the general public including the ability to save the completed form as a PDF and provision of a confirmation number to support referral tracking.

A short video on the new web form, including benefits and how health professionals can use it, is available on the Department of Health Youtube channel

The health professional web form can be accessed via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the My Aged Care website or via the referral page

A series of fact sheets for different health professionals, hospitals and assessors are available on the Department’s website.

Utilising My Aged Care will result in:

  • A consistent, streamlined and holistic assessment of clients
  • Better access to accurate client and service information (for clients, carers and family members, assessors and service providers)
  • Appropriate and timely referrals for assessment and services.

Commonwealth funded service providers:

Commonwealth funded service providers will use the My Aged Care provider portal to:

  • Manage information about the aged care services they deliver
  • Manage service availability information to assist My Aged Care to refer clients to available services
  • Manage referrals for service sent by My Aged Care contact centre staff or assessors
  • Update client records with information about services being delivered
  • It is important that clients are referred to My Aged Care to ensure their aged care needs can be assessed holistically and the right services put in place to support their needs, goals and service preferences.

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