Gippsland PHN use data and information to inform health planning. Comparing health related data in Gippsland and its six local government areas with Victoria and Australia helps identify what is needed in Gippsland.

Population Health Planning Hub – Updated August 2020

We have developed the Population Health Planning Hub which brings together health related data from various sources. It highlights differences for local government areas in Gippsland.

Download a copy of the Population Health Planning Hub.

Gippsland Demographics – Community Snapshot Fact Sheet


Health Issues Priorities Fact Sheets

These resources have been developed to be an easy to use summary to raise awareness about our eight health issue priorities.

Priority Issues Papers

Gippsland PHN has prepared the following priority issues papers to facilitate strategic health planning in priority areas to help inform service planning, market gaps, co-design priorities, and investment decisions. Local intelligence from Gippsland PHN teams and Advisory Group members is included in the papers. If you would like to provide feedback or discuss the content of the papers, please contact

Access to mental health services in South Coast Gippsland – June 2019
Aged Care Royal Commission Response – July 2019
Access to General Practice bulk billing – July 2019
Aboriginal & TorresStrait Islanders Priority Issues Paper June 2020
Gippsland Primary Health Workforce Priority Issues Paper June 2020

Evaluation Reports

Research Papers

Local Government Area Snapshots (2018)

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