Needs assessment work is on-going with a reporting requirement to the Department of Health.

Download the November 2018 Needs Assessment Update.

The needs assessment highlighted multiple and complex priorities for Gippsland’s health system and priorities for action by Gippsland PHN were identified. They are summarised in the Gippsland PHN Priorities 2016-18 Snapshot. View a condensed version identifying the priorities.

1. Supporting people 2. Main health issues 3. Better health services  4. Prevention
Children (0-14 years) Alcohol and other drugs Access to services  Community connectedness
Indigenous people Cancer Better use of technology  Family violence
People with social economic worries  Diabetes Services working together  Lifestyle factors
People with disabilities Heart related issues High quality care  
People 65 years or over Immunisation  Enough trained health professionals  
Young people (12-25 years) Mental Health
Chronic respiratory diseases
Reproductive/sexual health