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Population health planning is a core function of Gippsland PHN with the purpose of understanding the health needs of the region. See the Department of Health PHN website for general information about population health and PHNs.

Gippsland PHN is committed to Population Health Planning as a core function. We gather data and information from many sources including the local community and professionals to identify the unique health priorities of our region. The purpose is to make informed decisions about the best ways to achieve our vision of a measurably healthier Gippsland.

See the Department of Health PHN website for general information about population health and PHNs.

Our Priorities

Needs assessment work is on-going with a reporting requirement to the Department of Health.

Community Engagement

We aim to ensure our programs and activities are reflective of issues and needs identified by community members.


Gippsland PHN use data and information to inform health planning.


Contact Us

Contact the Gippsland PHN Health Planning, Research and Evaluation team for more information or to request data:

Maria Garrett, Population Health Planner, 0447 206 817 or
Denise Azar, Health Data Analyst,
Liz Craig, Manager, Health Planning, Research and Evaluation,

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