Population health planning is a core function of Gippsland PHN with the purpose of understanding the health needs of the region. See the Department of Health PHN web site for general information about population health and PHNs.

Needs Assessment

Needs assessment work is on-going with an annual reporting requirement to the Department of Health.

Download the November 2017 Needs Assessment Update.

The needs assessment highlighted multiple and complex priorities for Gippsland’s health system and priorities for action by Gippsland PHN during 2016-18 were identified. They are summarised in the Gippsland PHN Priorities 2016-18 Snapshot View a condensed version identifying the priorities.

Community Engagement

We aim to ensure our programs and activities are reflective of issues and needs identified by community members. In September 2016, we heard from over 1,200 Gippsland people in the ‘Tell Maria Gippsland Health Survey’ and interviews.

Download a summary poster with results.

Download the full report.

Gippsland PHN will keep listening to our community to learn more. Please email us: tellmaria@gphn.org.au


Local Government Area Snapshots (2016)

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We are planning to make additional resources available here in future. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.

Contact Maria Garrett, Population Health Planner, 0447 206 817 or maria.garrett@gphn.org.au