PIR Funding to Mind Australia

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Embargoed to 6.00am Tuesday 18 February 2014

Mind Australia receives $100,000 funding for Mental Health

Gippsland Medicare Local (GML) will today announce the third major allocation of funding under the ‘Partners in Recovery’ (PIR) initiative in Gippsland.

Mind Australia Inc will receive $100,000 in funding to resource and deliver programs for people with severe and persistent mental illness.

In congratulating Mind Australia, GML Chair, Dr Nola Maxfield, said the Morwell-based organisation is “another quality partner to deliver the PIR initiative in the Latrobe Valley region”.

“In conjunction with the Australian Government and the Member for Gippsland, Hon Darren Chester MP, GML is pleased to announce funding of $100,000 to Mind Australia,” Dr Maxfield said.

“This is the third funding allocation under GML’s Partners in Recovery initiative and this organisation has demonstrated to GML that it has the capacity to deliver mental health recovery and rehabilitation services and educative programs to adults with severe mental illness.”

The PIR Gippsland initiative is targeted at people who have severe and persistent mental illness in the Gippsland region over the next three years with GML nominated by the Australian government as a lead agency for $7 million of Stage 1 PIR funding in 2013.

“This funding will support those people with complex needs and we need to provide support for their carers and families as well,” Dr Maxfield said.

“This is achieved by getting the multiple health care sectors, services and support structures they may come into contact with, to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.”

Mind Australia has outlets located in Morwell and Traralgon and have been serving the Latrobe Valley region in community mental health services for the past 25 years.

Dr Maxfield said the partnership with Mind Australia and other successful organisations to receive PIR funding was “a very clear example of how Gippsland Medicare Local is connecting, integrating and supporting Gippsland’s health care providers to deliver more targeted regional health care

“We are working hard to support health care in the right locations all across our Gippsland region and by doing this, we will achieve ‘a measurably healthier Gippsland’.”



Mind Australia

  • Mind Australia has been a leader of community mental health services in Victoria for the past 36 years and providing services in Gippsland for the past 25 years.
  • More specifically these services include the Wannik Gunyah Youth Residential Service based in Traralgon and the Gippsland Community Service situated in Morwell.
  • These services consist of Home Based Outreach, PHAMS, Group Support, Family and Carer services as well as Dual Diagnosis Support services.

For more information on Mind Australia: go to https://www.mindaustralia.org.au/about-mind.html