Neurology Telehealth – Education & Training opportunities for GPs in East Gippsland

GPs in the East Gippsland area will have an opportunity to better facilitate telehealth specialist consultations in neurology and cardiology for their patients thanks to an educational series being delivered by Alfred Health in partnership with Gippsland PHN and Bairnsdale Regional Health Services.

‘A place-based approach to telehealth in East Gippsland’ is funded by the Victorian Government and the educational series forms part of Victorian Telehealth Specialist Clinics Funding Initiative which aims to improve access to speciality services in the East Gippsland area.

The first of the series “Telehealth in Neurology Practice” was delivered to GPs last month at Alfred Health via webinar.  Webinars and other educational events hosted by Neurology Specialists from Alfred Health will continue to be offered to GPs over the next six months.

It is expected that this project goal of improving access to specialty services in the East Gippsland area will be indicated by an increase in referrals for Neurology appointments (historically under-serviced in this area) over the final six months of this project. 

For more information on this project, including educational and training sessions contact Sarah Clarke, GPHN Coordinator Regional services (Wellington/ East Gippsland) on 0437 193 273 or