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Established in May 2019 to help address low levels of cancer screening, The Latrobe Cancer Screen Collaborative (the Collaborative) pilot project has now ended with promising results of improvement across the four participating general practices.

A comprehensive evaluation was conducted for the project.

This evaluative poster provides a broad overview of the Collaborative activity and outcomes.












PHN Gippsland – A3 Poster DIGITAL

A feature of the program as it journeyed toward completion was the recording of four podcasts between the Collaborative WAVE Chair, Dr Wayne Thompson, and participants from clinics, including one GP and two Practice Nurses.

Podcast 1

Accurate up-to-date patient records are a fundamental part of quality improvement and business in general.

Latrobe Cancer Screening Collaborative Wave Chair, Dr Wayne Thompson, talks about some examples of the importance of understanding, collecting and recording patient information.

The resources in the link below may start conversations to help improve data recording and maintenance of good quality up-to-date patient records.


Also available on Soundcloud:

Podcast 2

Dr Damian Hannon chats to Dr Wayne Thompson about his experience and learnings as a GP in the Latrobe Cancer Screening Collaborative project. He discusses patient barriers, successes and quality improvement activities he would like to see carried into the future.

Dr Damian discusses the importance of preventative medicine in general practice, sharing activity highlights and his experience of being a part of the Latrobe Cancer Screening Collaborative project.

“We need to get into the mindset of looking at the patient as a whole” – Dr Damian Hannon.      


Also available on Soundcloud:

Podcasts 3 &4

Practice nurses Maree Lansdown and Shiralee Golcic chat to Dr Wayne Thompson about their experiences and learning in the Latrobe Cancer Screening Collaborative project.

Marree and Shiralee each discuss their activities and enablers for success and challenges they faced during the project.

“We set new things as part of a three-month trial… it generally becomes normal practice…” – Maree Lansdown.


Also available on Soundcloud:

“I’m more aware of asking patients about cervical, bowel and breast screening.” – Shiralee Golcic.


Also available on Soundcloud:

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