Immunisation Posters!

The introduction of Department of Health and Human Services Immunisation Posters as listed below supports the decision of Gippsland PHN to encourage all general practices and Immunisation providers to use these posters as the up to date information required for the administering of vaccines.  

Gippsland PHN will no longer be replicating the information into posters for distribution.  The information previously held on the Gippsland PHN produced posters was only up to date on the day they were printed as immunisation changes occur regularly the posters soon became out of date and at risk of not providing the correct up to date information.

Please refer to these two posters for current detail: (click and open the link)

For the full schedule of vaccinations, please encourage your immunisation providers to bookmark the full Immunisation schedule as highlighted below.

For full Immunisation information and advice:

Gippsland HealthPathways:

Comprehensive Immunisation information can also be accessed through the Gippsland HealthPathways portal: These pathways are shared with all Victorian HealthPathways sites and are regularly updated as changes are received.

Immunisation Information covers:

  • Adolescent
  • Pregnancy
  • Influenza
  • Childhood
  • Adults
  • Immunisation contacts locally and statewide

Should you require a login to the Gippsland HealthPathways site, please visit: and go to Request Access.