Health alert – Avian influenza detected on Victorian egg farm 31 July 2020


Avian influenza detected on Victorian egg farm

Status: Active

Date issued: 31 Juy 2020

Issued by: Adjunct Clinical Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer, Victoria

Issued to: Health professionals and consumers in the Golden Plains Shire

Key messages

  • A strain of H7N7avian influenza (AI) virus has been detected on a free-range egg farm in the Golden Plains Shire.
  • Avian influenza (AI) viruses are a group of influenza viruses that normally circulate among birds.
  • On rare occasions, this strain of avian influenza has been known to infect and cause disease in humans who have had close contact with infected poultry or human cases.
  • To date, no human cases have been reported.
  • When people are infected with a H7N7 AI virus, they may have no symptoms or have mild conjunctivitis or flu-like illness.
  • There is no risk of transmission through consumption of eggs and chicken meat that are thoroughly cooked.

Read the full advisory: Avian influenza detected on Victorian egg farm




Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.