GML Media Release – eHealth at Farm World

 Gippslanders support the eHealth initiative

As major sponsor of the Health & Wellbeing theme at Farm World this year, Gippsland Medicare Local (GML) will be promoting the benefits of the eHealth initiative that already more than 6,000 Gippslanders have registered for.

The eHealth record is an Australian Government initiative that allows people to have access to a summary of their health information on a single electronic record.

Information such as diagnoses, medications, immunisations, and allergies is some of the medical information that people can elect to have recorded in one electronic ‘briefcase’ that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

GML Board Chair, Dr. Nola Maxfield, has said the eHealth initiative means that people can stay on top of their health and reduce pressure on the health system.

“The eHealth record means that each time you see a health professional, your information can be stored, such as blood test results, medications and your medical history.”

“Having this sort of information means that you don’t get sent for the same blood tests if you visit a different doctor and they are aware of any pre-existing medical history.”

For more information on eHealth, contact Gippsland Medicare Local on (03) 5126 2899 or head to the GML website

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