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Gippsland PHN leading bushfire mental health response

The Australian Government’s comprehensive bushfire recovery package will provide immediate, short term and medium term mental health support for individuals, families and communities, including emergency services personnel, impacted by the ongoing bushfire emergency.

Gippsland PHN has already started the process of commissioning services to ensure people have access to the coordinated and tailored support they need to recover from the distress and impact on their mental health and wellbeing at this time and also into the future.

Known as the Bushfire Recovery Access Program, Gippsland PHN will lead the bushfire mental health response. It has already appointed a Coordinator to a dedicated role of leading this response who will work and coordinate services with communities, key stakeholders, health services and government agencies.

This includes:

  • Provide immediate access to and ongoing free counselling and support to communities, individuals, families and emergency services workers;
  • Provide additional support to headspace centres;
  • Expand existing mental health service addressing medium to longer term impact;
  • Offer funding grants to communities to promote mental health healing and post-trauma recovery. The grants will allow communities to choose their own way to respond to the losses they have experienced and reduce post-traumatic stress.

Gippsland PHN will provide regular updates on the Bushfire Recovery Access Program. Go to or call 51 75 5444.

In the meantime, if you need support, there are a wide range of services available. Many are already on our website, but others are listed below:


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