Traralgon – Bridges Out of Poverty – Strategies for Professionals and Communities

15/03/2018 - 16/03/2018

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Century Inn Traralgon

Event Notes

Gippsland PHN is delighted to extended to general practitioners, practice nurses, practice managers and staff, pharmacists, allied health professionals and other interested services to attend, free of charge, the Bridges out of Poverty education opportunity, funded through the 2017 Innovation Small Grants program.


Bridges Out of Poverty – Strategies for Professionals and Communities is a 2 day training package designed to assist general practitioners, practice nurses and other service providers whose daily work connects them with the lives of people experiencing poverty. The program will cover the following modules:

  1. Creates a mental model for various economic realities & resultant behaviour
  2. Interrogates the poverty research continuum into the causes of poverty
  3. Establishes the key concepts that underlie Bridges Out of Poverty and how to apply them within your community
  4. Develops understanding of the hidden rules of economic groups, the unspoken cues and habits and how this impacts your work setting
  5. Distinguishes between the different registers of language to build communication that connects people
  6. Understandings about household dynamics and profiles specific issues in your community
  7. Analyses the eleven resources model and identifies methods to build social capital for individuals, institutions & communities
  8. Identifies and practices the skills of making and maintaining relationships within the client life cycle
  9. Brings understanding and support for the complexities of the stages of change and motivation
  10. Provides examples of collaborative models of ‘Bridges’ institutions and communities.

FACILITATOR: Ms Kath Herbert, Solution Tree Australia

Kath Herbert (Australia) has been delivering Dr Ruby Paynes’ workshops “Frameworks for Understanding Poverty” and “Bridges Out of Poverty” nationally since 2002.

Kath has experience working in several sectors of community and education, this means that she explains the work in an Australian perspective and provides a strong practical focus.

She has worked with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in both large city colleges and small country schools. Kath has held many responsibility positions in administration, curriculum development and student welfare, in primary and secondary settings.

With the Education Faculty of Deakin University and Vic Health (State Health Authority) she has delivered several research based programs. In adult and community education she has worked with long term unemployed, jobless young people, and disability employment services. She has experience on remote indigenous communities, recruiting and training teachers to deliver adult literacy and numeracy.

“I am passionate about this work because it brings a “mind shift” of new understanding. I know that the strategies and tools provided give practical methods to use that work. It brings better communication and connection with the economically vulnerable in our communities.”


By the end of this 2 day program participants will be able to:
• Practice effective communication to use in challenging situations
• Identify why patients behave the way they do due to their socioeconomic situation
• Describe the hidden rules of economic groups, the unspoken cues and habits and how this impacts your work setting
• Explain strategies for optimising health outcomes for individuals and families

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