BREAKTHROUGH- Ice education


12:00 am


Event Notes

Breakthrough — an initiative of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan

BreakThrough has been developed to educate the community and families across the state. The aim is to provide strategies to help manage the challenging behaviours around the use of the drug “ICE”.

BreakThrough provides information on:

»Different types of drug use & why people use drugs
» The effects of “Ice” & other drugs on the central nervous system
» The impact of drug use on both mental and physical health
» How to have a conversation with someone about their drug use
» How to respond to challenging behaviours associated with drug use
» The importance of self-care for family members
» A safety plan for family members
» Alcohol and Drug treatment services in Victoria
» Other professional and support services available

For more information or to register for an upcoming BreakThrough education session go to: or call: Family Drug Helpline 1300 660 068 (9am to 5pm).

Event flyer.

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