Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

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Gippsland Medicare Local asks the community to get involved in the health discussion

Gippsland Medicare Local (GML) is seeking feedback from community members across Gippsland on health and wellbeing issues through a survey released today.

The survey provides Gippsland residents with the opportunity to share their opinions’ on health and wellbeing issues in the region, availability and access to programs and services, and suggestions for improvements.

Participants who get involved by providing feedback through the survey go into a draw to win one of 20 $50 vouchers.  Vouchers will be available for the purchase of fresh local produce.

GML Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Quigley, said the survey is a great way for the Gippsland community to have its voice heard and to assist GML with steering health services and support through Commonwealth funding in the direction most need.

Organisations with an interest in the health industry are also encouraged to complete the stakeholder survey form.

The information obtained from the survey will be used to inform and define Commonwealth-funded primary health care initiatives.

“The survey will contribute towards an improved understanding of the needs of the Gippsland community. We want to make sure we are delivering health programs and services, filling gaps and addressing the issues that our community requires, that’s why the feedback is so important.”

“An interim health needs report compiled in June 2013 identified major health considerations for the Gippsland community including higher percentages of obesity and cancer and a lower life expectancy, as compared to the Victorian average.”

“GML is committed to working with the Gippsland community in identifying health and wellbeing needs and issues and securing funding to address these needs.”

The findings of the survey will be published on the GML website in June 2014.

The surveys can be accessed on the GML website,  Any one residing in Gippsland and over the age of 18 is welcome to complete a survey.



More information

  • In 2014, an interim CNA report revealed major health and population issues such as: geographical isolation, socio-economically disadvantaged communities, ageing population, poorer health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Childhood vulnerability, lack of dedicated youth services, high rates of family violence, lower life expectancy for males, premature mortality, higher prevalence of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, high portions of obesity, high percentages of disability, type 2 diabetes, high incidence of cancer compared with Victoria average, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, mental health, long waiting times to see general practitioners, high presentations to hospitals with primary care type problems and an identified need for information about primary health services across Gippsland.


Editors Note

Gippsland Medicare Local (GML) is a not-for-profit primary health care organisation coordinating primary health care delivery throughout Gippsland.  Established in July 2012, GML operates across the entire Gippsland region covering the municipalities of East Gippsland, Wellington, Latrobe, Bass Coast, South Gippsland and Baw Baw.

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