Calm Kid Central delivers online mental health services for children

Gippsland PHN commissions an innovative online program to support delivery of mental health services to children.

Gippsland PHN Chief Executive officer, Amanda Proposch, said some of the resources may be helpful in assisting children impacted by bushfires manage worry and stress.

Calm Kid Central uses technology and cutting-edge health information delivery methods to provide online child mental health services in a way which overcomes both child psychology workforce shortages and traditional barriers to treatment.

The program, which won the award for Innovation at last year’s Gippsland Primary Health Awards, also increases child wellbeing, while providing connections to other services. Gippsland PHN provides free access to the program for 12 months for Gippsland families.

If your child often worries or gets anxious, gets frustrated easily or struggles with instructions, has difficulty with friends or at school, Calm Kids helps children with “big feelings and tough life challenges feel calm and cooperative”.

Your child may have been diagnosed with ASD, anxiety, ADHD or another disorder, and often finds life tough going. 

Courses, video lessons, activity sheets and posters are used to teach children to act bravely, behave in positive ways, act confidently, develop good friendships & manage tough life situations. 

Parents can get fast access to a child psychologist online to raise any concerns without waiting for appointments. The answer is provided within 48 hours. Video lessons, articles and “quick tips” are given to parents to help feel less stressed about caring for their child with “big feelings”.

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Calm Kids also assists teachers, therapists, counsellors and other allied health professionals who work with children in a counselling/therapy/classroom.

It provides resources, answers and ideas in working with your trickiest children with higher needs.

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