Call To Mind

Call to Mind offers GPs a reliable and simple way to support patients who need quality mental health treatment.

Who is Call to Mind and how can they help GPs?

Call to Mind was founded with an aim to better utilise telecommunications and modern technology to address the barriers to accessing mental health services for people across Australia.

Call to Mind consists of a team of psychiatrists ranging in availability and speciality to treat patients – anytime, anywhere. They offer GPs a reliable point of contact so they can make effective referrals, receive follow-up and know that their patients are getting timely, high-quality treatment.

What referrals does Call to Mind accept?

With a team of psychiatrists ranging in specialty (including Perinatal, Child and Adolescent, Youth, Old Age and General Adult), they consider all referrals. Our psychiatrists offer bulk-billed one-off assessments with comprehensive diagnosis and management plans (Medicare Item 291) as well as ongoing private consultations.

What happens when I make a referral?

When they receive a referral from you, they look to our pool of psychiatrists to find an appropriate match for that patient. We then schedule an appointment between the patient and psychiatrist which is held via a secure video platform. Shortly after the consult, we will send you the psychiatrist’s assessment report and suggested management plan, including recommendations to support the role of the GP (or other mental health professional).

How do I start making referrals?

To make a referral to Call to Mind, email referrals to, fax to 03 8691 1330 or submit via Health Link (using code ‘callmind’).

Please make sure the referral is addressed to “Dear Psychiatrist” and includes a request for a 291 assessment as well as patient email address and phone number. Contact our team at with any questions.