Photo 3 – Bridges Out Of Poverty – 2019

Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop in Gippsland

Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) was delighted to engage Kath Herbert from Solution Tree Australia to deliver the ‘Bridges Out of Poverty’ training in co-operation with Traralgon Neighbourhood House and Federation University.

The experience of poverty can lead to an erosion of resources such as literacy, decision making, support systems, emotional responses, appropriate role models and sense of control over the future. This has profound implications for the way in which the health system provides responsive services to vulnerable people.

 The Bridges Out of Poverty training provides profound insights and answers to community professionals, agency workers and allied health practitioners serving client bases challenged by financial and social disadvantage. It explores the notion of hidden rules that dictate how each of us operate within different social classes and contexts and the impact that our language base, resource set and family structure have on how we – usually unconsciously – view and interact with the world.

The training is designed to build skills in participants to respond appropriately to people who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and other social vulnerabilities.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants who attended the one-day training in 2018, a two-day workshop was scheduled into the Gippsland PHN’s education calendar.

The workshop was held at the Federation University Churchill campus. Over 100 participants from a variety of organisations attended including university students, allied health workers, welfare professionals and education staff from around Gippsland.

Giving the course a deeply personal touch, Kath shares stories from over 30 years of teaching which align with Dr Ruby Payne’s Framework for Understanding Poverty. Strategies from the training equipped participants with a better understanding of the individuals and families they work with to optimise health outcomes. A common theme noted in the participant feedback identified the training as, “invaluable, useful and practical”.

If you would like to book a Bridges out of Poverty workshop for your organisation or community, please call Shane on 03 6328 1174 or email