Appointed Board Director – Expression of Interest

There are nine Gippsland PHN Board Directors. Each year three positions become vacant, 2 by election and one as an appointed position. This call for expression of interests is related to the available appointed Director position to commence early 2018.

Nominations of Director Candidates must be in the attached forms. The appointment process is overseen by the Board with advice from the Director Independent Selection and Remuneration Committee.

In accordance with the Gippsland Health Network Limited Constitution one Director will be appointed by the Board.

Skills and expertise

The collective skills required of Directors can be broadly categorised as:

  • Professional skills (skills directly relevant to performing the Board’s key functions) and;
  • Sector skills (skills relevant to the sector or sector in which the organisation predominantly operates)

Expressions of interest will be shortlisted based on knowledge, expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Financial acumen (preferably CPA)
  • Thorough understanding and connection to Gippsland
  • Ability to demonstrate professional behaviours commensurate with performance requirements for company directors
  • Experienced director that is inclusive, strategic and familiar with board processes

All Board members are required to demonstrate high ethical standards, including preparedness to maintain organisational confidentiality and ability to work positively and respectfully with others as part of a team.

Term of Appointment

Term of appointment is up to 3 years ending at 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Time commitment

It is important that applicants are aware of the time commitment involved in discharging duties of being a Director.

The Gippsland PHN Board meets during business hours once a month (currently third Wednesday). Directors also participate in one or more Board committees, these are usually held the same day as the Board meeting, or by teleconference.

Directors are required to represent Gippsland PHN at nominated community and stakeholder events in addition to making themselves available to participate in governance activities i.e. strategic or business planning processes.

Board Remuneration

Gippsland PHN provides remuneration to Board Directors according to the constitution. This remuneration is given as a stipend and Directors may also receive payment for some approved expenses.

Declaration of Private Interests

Directors are required to complete a Declaration of Private Interests upon appointment. This provides for disclosure of private interests or other interests, which could conflict with the proper performance of Directors duties.

How to apply

All potential nominees should review the following information and complete all the nomination documents:

For more information, please see Director Appointment Information Sheet or contact  Gippsland PHN CEO, Marianne Shearer, on email or mobile 0409 258 091.

Applications Close midnight 25 February 2018.