1800 My Options

Introducing 1800 My Options: A new statewide sexual and reproductive health service for Victorian women.

1800 My Options is a free and confidential phone line and information service for Victorian women seeking timely and trusted sexual and reproductive health information, operated by Women’s Health Victoria.

1800 My Options is part of Victoria’s first-ever Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy (2017-2020). The strategy sets out key actions to reduce barriers and service gaps that affect women’s access to reproductive and sexual health services.

1800 My Options provides impartial information about services including contraception, pharmacies, counselling, termination providers and a range of other sexual and reproductive health providers. Women, health professionals and support workers can also search for providers on our website.

Dr Mark Farrugia, GP, provided the following feedback about his reasons for registering on the database
“women who are vulnerable shouldn’t have to wade through the phone book and travel around the state to access primary health care.  1800 My Options and the support of GP’s can remove some of the stress from this very difficult time.  Transparency takes this service out of the darkness and into everyday conversation where it should be, going some of the way to removing unnecessary and unkind stigma felt and experienced by vulnerable people. It is a great resource that will only grow and make life better for people.”

Sexual and reproductive health professionals wanting to register their services on the 1800 My Options database can do so by clicking on the health professionals button at 1800myoptions.org.au

If you would like more information about how you can work with 1800 My Options to support women you work with or to order more promotional material please contact us on 1800 696784 or info@1800myoptions.org.au